MS Visual Studios Launch
This event was held to celebrate the launch of Microsoft Visual Studio 11. Hosted by the Bell Harbor Cruise Terminal and Conference Center on the shores of Seattle’s Elliot Bay, the launch was a celebration of Microsoft’s bright clean rebrand and the beauty of the emerald city. A full daylong event, guests arrived for a breakfast that included purple berries and purple iced doughnuts. A series of seminars and keynotes filled that day and the event concluded with a rooftop cocktail party.

Welcome To The Emerald City
These are two Seattle themed areas from a larger event. Our 12.5’ tall Space Needle replica was the focal point in the Emerald Lounge (it was placed on a few tables to be even taller!) surrounded by four of our glow bars. The space was draped in our beautiful green drapes, and oversized martini glasses were filled with green LED orbs. The Pike Place Market vignette with real produce and flowers was a buffet area severing up some of the Northwest's finest seafood cuisine.

Secret Garden Wedding
This ECAA  Award winning wedding was to be unlike any other; a wedding that would encompass traditional Hindu customs as well as modern elements with over-the-top decadence. This was achieved with unique components such as a Baraat procession, a custom made Mandap altar, and elaborate décor like rich garnet draperies, thousands of red roses, and an abundance of golden accents.

Showbox Speakeasy
Inspired by the roaring 1920s, The Showbox SODO in Seattle was transformed into a one-of-a-kind operation. Guests were greeted at a “backdoor” entrance where they whispered the password to the doorman to reveal the abundance behind the curtain! With an Egyptian themed stage, opulent raised seating areas, ostrich plumes, and an exotic VIP lounge, guests were taken back in time! And what would a Speakeasy be without the danger of being caught?! A jail scene was the photo-op of the night!

G4 TV, a channel dedicated to video game enthusiasts, was coming to town for an exclusive look at Microsoft’s new (and unreleased) Kinect motion sensing game controller. Microsoft held an overnight lock-in for developers to hang out and design fun new concepts for the Kinect. To inspire the coders, a futuristic landscape was created with draped walls, lounge stations, vivid lighting, inflatable walls, mesh paneling, and space-blanket giveaways! Check out G4’s feature here!

Shake it up for Science
We partnered with the Seattle Chapter of the ARCS Foundation to help them raise funds for UW & WSU upper graduates studying to complete degrees in science, engineering and medical research. This event was called "Shaking it up for Science," & was all about wild color and diversity. We strung Indian lanterns from bistro lights across the ceiling, & our 20' high drapes created a room with in a room.

Wonka Gala
A Willy Wonka holiday party featuring The Chocolate Lounge, and a magnificent purple Wonka Ballroom! We went for a sultry dark color pallet when designing this event. Rich velvets and metallic gold around every turn! An iridescent burgundy sheer wall teased guests during the cocktail hour before they could enter the main ballroom. Every guest was a winner with their very own golden ticket program waiting at their seat!

Good Old Games at PAX
Good Old.... Grannies! While most companies at PAX Prime 2011 were trying to catch gamers’ eyes with the flashiest new technology, GOG took a slightly different approach. Inspired by the vintage games they sell, GOG dreamed up a booth where grannies and fresh baked cookies would leave a lasting impression on attendees. We produced their vision by designing the ultimate granny living room with vintage furnishings and textiles! Winner of a 2012 Sizzle Award by Exhibitor Magazine.

Moroccan Escape
For this Moroccan Escape, we utilized the venue’s architecture and created a lounge under an elegant triple canopy with metal lanterns suspended from it. Our Kick-back line of furniture sat on vintage Persian rugs and ethnic throw pillows were tossed everywhere! The white curved wall was lit in a bright fuchsia that accented the other side of the room that was striped in blueberry, plum, and gold satin drape. Tables were dressed in our copper crush linens and umbrella centerpieces topped every surface.

Camp Subaru
How do you impress 100 jaded journalist? You drive them up a rugged mountaintop with your new line of four-wheel-drive vehicles. Once you’ve really gotten them lost you drop them off at a fantasy campground of 25 authentic backpacking tents and vintage Americana. Welcome to Camp Subaru, winner of a Special Event Magazine Best Event Décor Award.